The Latest COVID-19 Updates

The Latest COVID-19 Updates

May 24, 2020

We are excited about the President’s announcement categorizing places of worship as being “essential” in this COVID-19 crisis, as well as championing the ability to gather for inperson church services.

As you know, City First Church is one church with multiple locations in multiple states, with each one varying in size. Therefore, we have been carefully assessing the CDC’s guidelines as to what in-person gatherings would look like with these limitations at each of our locations. These variations will equate to some locations being able to open sooner than others.

Because of the differences in state regulations and other determining factors, along with a significant amount of prayer and preparation, we will resume services at our Cape Coral, Florida location beginning Sunday, May 31. Click here to find out more about what reopening looks like at our Cape Coral location.

As we have been prayerfully considering all the facts, we ask that our City First Church family keep four important items in mind:

  1. Our locations have auditoriums that vary greatly in size. This is very important to consider when determining a safe number of attendees and a worship experience that is in keeping with City First Church Culture, as well as CDC guidelines.
  2. Due to many factors, including but not limited to: CDC and local guidelines, safe capacity, ingress and egress of the building, seating layout, and the overall worship service experience, will equate to some locations being able to open sooner than others.
  3. The church building is not the mission. It facilitates the mission. Praise God ministry is still happening in full effect despite this pandemic. Our ultimate goal is to gather in-person as soon as we deem it safe, possible, and a positive experience for all. We are not in a race to be the “first.” We are passionate about doing it right.
  4. City First Church was never closed. We have been incredibly busy sharing the love of Jesus with tens of thousands of people each week. We have served our communities and been a light in the darkness during this crisis. I am extremely grateful for all who are participating in our online weekend services, food distribution efforts, care initiatives, giving opportunities, and prayer focuses. Jesus’ mission has advanced through the extraordinary and loving efforts of those who call City First Church home.

Jen and I miss the church’s in-person worship gatherings more than anybody! As the Senior Pastors of City First Church, we look forward to being back together in all of our auditoriums; lifting up the name of Jesus and welcoming everyone to be a part.

Please be in prayer as we carefully, yet strategically move towards opening all of our auditoriums for weekly worship.

Pastor Jeremy
Senior Pastor
City First Church

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We encourage you to continue to attend Online if your physical location remains closed, you or a family member doesn’t feel well, or if you’re just not ready to attend church at a physical location. You’re part of the City First Family no matter where you choose to attend!

Church Online is also a great option if you want to invite a friend to join you! Each weekend you have many opportunities to join the online experience for worship, a message, and live chat and prayer with your church family community.


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*Servicio con subtítulos en Español ya esta disponible en la pagina de YouTube y de internet de City First.

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Services will resume at our Cape Coral, Florida location beginning Sunday, May 31.

At this time, City First Kids will not be available at any of our locations. We hope to meet again soon! Until then, your entire family is welcome to attend church with you in the Main Auditorium, and we encourage you to continue teaching your kids about Jesus using

We encourage you to make the best choice for your family and situation as you consider attending in person or continuing to worship with us online at

Let’s Work Together to Stay Healthy!

What We’re Doing

  • City First Church will be a touchless experience. You can enter, participate in service, and exit without touching a single object or person.
  • Our serve teams and staff will be wearing masks and gloves.
  • Our team will continue to thoroughly clean and sanitize the entire property.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the building.
  • The building will be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned between services.
  • Restricted Seating and spacious aisles will allow for appropriate social distancing.
  • City First Kids will not be available at this time.
  • No water fountains will be open or usable.
  • No hospitality food or beverages will be offered.
  • No Offering buckets will be passed.
  • All seat-back materials, pens, papers, will be removed.
  • Team Members will direct all foot traffic in and out of the Main Auditorium

How You Can Help

  • We are inviting anyone who does not feel well, or has been exposed to someone who is sick, to worship with us online until attending in person is safe to do so.
  • We encourage you to wear a mask, and we will have one available to you if needed.
  • Please wash your hands and use sanitizer often.
  • Maintain a distance of six feet between yourself and other guests.

Your Generosity is Making a Difference!

As a church, our desire is to meet extraordinary needs with extravagant generosity.

Right now, the needs around us are tremendous (spiritually and practically). Thousands of families have found themselves jobless, without financial resources, in need of hope, and many of us can do something to meet this extraordinary need in their lives.

Will you prayerfully consider giving a financial gift to help us continue to meet the urgent needs in our city? As a church, let’s lead the way with overflowing generosity!

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