Christian Life Schools

Quality Christian education for the next generation!

Few decisions are more important and far-reaching than where your child will be educated. In our competitive culture, academics are of major importance. But there’s so much more involved in helping children become mature, valuable members of society.

At Christian Life Schools, we’re setting a new standard of Christ-centered, academic excellence. It will not simply be Sunday school here all week, nor will it be just academics. We’re heading in the direction of a bibliocentric, Christ-centered worldview. This is one in which Scripture is integrated into every subject: math, science, etc., and not just Bible classes. We believe everything we do must be viewed through the lens of the Bible.

Whether it be elementary, middle or high school grades, CLS offers excellence in academics (students annually score an average of two grade levels ahead on SATs), a top-rated athletics program, and a strong spiritual emphasis.

What you’ll discover at CLS is a disciplined, yet loving environment in which every child receives personal attention. We see each student as a unique person created by God to live the fullest and most significant life possible.

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