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Remembering the Cross

The cross was a torture device saved for the worst of the worst. But for you and I, it’s a promise, our road to redemption, our way back. The journey to the cross was marked by significant events that culminated in the greatest event in History. The week before Easter wasn’t just any ordinary week back then; it doesn’t have to be now. We invite you to pause, reflect, and remember the cross.

Notes 📓✏️:

This Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week—a truly special time in our faith journey. We invite you to join us as we kick off this meaningful week by remembering the cross.

It’s going to be a powerful time as we gather together to pause and reflect on the incredible significance of the cross. We’ll look deep into Jesus’ sacrifice and the overwhelming love He has for every one of us.

And guess what? Everyone will be involved as we take communion, honor the cross, and get our hearts ready for the biggest day of the year—Easter!

We also want invite you to join us as we journey through Holy Week together. Let’s open our hearts, minds, and spirits to the transformative power of the Easter story. Let’s walk hand in hand with Jesus, allowing His love to guide us through each moment and every emotion. You can read the devotional through the App or by clicking here.