The City First Academy is designed for adults at any age or stage of life to deepen their knowledge of the Bible, develop practical leadership skills, and grow their faith in God.

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What certificates are available through the City First Academy?
The Academy offers two certificates: one in Leadership Studies and another in Biblical Studies.
Do I need to have previous education to attend the City First Academy?
Yes and No! In order to receive college credits through the Academy, you must have a minimum of a High School Diploma or GED. Even if you don’t have a HS education, you can still choose to “Audit” a degree solely for the educational experience and no college credits or homework assignments.
How many college credits are offered for each certificate?
Each certificate program offers 12 college credits, for a total of 24 transferable credits.
Are these credits recognized by other universities?
Yes, these credits are fully accredited by Southeastern University, which means they can be applied towards other degrees at SEU or potentially transferred to other accredited institutions.
When will the Academy officially launch?
The City First Academy is set to launch in Fall of 2024. Both the Leadership and Biblical Studies Certificates will be offered.
Can anyone attend the Academy’s Elective (Sneak Peek) events?
Yes, these events are open to members of our community who are interested in exploring the Academy. They provide the perfect glimpse into the educational experience we offer.
How do I apply for the City First Academy?
You can apply by visiting
Can I attend the Academy classes purely for the learning experience without getting credits or doing homework?
Yes; by choosing the “Audit” option when applying, you will be able to attend classes at a discounted price per credit hour, but will not receive any college credits or be required to complete any assignments or exams. You can learn more about this option by visiting
Who will be teaching classes at the Academy?
The curriculum for the Academy will be taught by members of the Senior Leadership Team, Executive Team, and Pastoral Team of City First Church. These teachers have been specifically chosen to teach in the area of their personal expertise.
How can I stay updated on City First Academy news and events?
You can stay informed about City First Academy developments by regularly checking our website and attending Academy Electives.