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Hey Parents!

We think you are your child’s greatest teachers and influencers. The Parent Resource is one way we can partner with you to make it easy for you to talk to your kids about what matters most in life. Each week, we release a new episode that coincides with our focus for that month that you can watch together and a short explanation of that week’s lesson.

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Recommended Bibles

At City First Church, we want kids to LOVE reading their Bible! The Bible is living and active, full of promises to encourage and give us hope, and holds stories of God’s provision and faithfulness.

Each weekend we dig into the Bible to teach God’s Word in ways that are fun, engaging, and relevant to kids. We encourage our elementary kids to bring their Bibles to church to discover what God says, help them know Jesus more, and learn skills for reading the Bible on their own.

It can be hard to choose a Bible that’s just right for your child. We have compiled a list of recommended bibles. If you need help determining the best Bible for your child, you can contact one of the City First Kids Pastors at kids@cityfirst.church.

Recommended Parenting Books

For most of us, the role of Mom or Dad is both our greatest joy and biggest challenge. What a relief it is to know that God is faithful to be with us through it all! The Bible says, “if anyone longs to be wise, ask God for wisdom and he will give it!” (James 1:5 TPT) At City First Church, we want to partner with you on your journey of parenting and help resource you to be the parent God has called you to be! The following books have been a helpful tool for countless families.