Love Week

Our vision is to be a movement of God’s love, so cities are full of hope and people are full of purpose.

We exist to serve others by showing God’s love in practical ways through meeting the needs within our communities and spheres of influence. Join City First Church August 2 – 6 as we make an impact right where we are!

Let’s reach out to those in our family, neighborhood, community, and workplace and show them some love in the name of Jesus. Search for an opportunity at your location or check out some of the ideas we have for inspiration.

Looking for ways to make a difference?

Here are some ideas!


• Drop off a dessert at a neighbor’s house
• Invite them over for dinner/bonfire
• Be intentional and get to know them
• Host a yard party
• Offer to run errands or pick up groceries for them


• Select an organization in your area to serve at
• Leave a note and snacks for your local postman/delivery driver
• Go to a local park and pick up trash
• Pay for the person’s order behind you in line
• Drop off food to your local police or fire station


• Write a list of things you appreciate about your boss/coworker and give it to them
• Help someone that could use an extra hand on a project
• Tell someone they are doing a great job and celebrate their accomplishments
• Pickup donuts and coffee on the way in to work to share
• Text/email someone a positive message
• Go out of your way to ask how someone is doing and be a listening ear


• Offer words of encouragement to a family member
• Spend time doing something they enjoy
• Put a card/note in the mail to let them know you’re thinking of them
• Put all technology away and share a meal at the dinner table
• Drop off a sweet treat and spend time catching up with family

Partner With Us!

Scroll down to see how you can partner with local organizations to put your love into action!

Volunteer Opportunities

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