“God is leading us to bring the hope of Jesus to other cities by being one church with multiple locations.”
– Jeremy DeWeerdt

Just in the area surrounding our Spring Creek location there are

daughters, fathers, friends, brothers, mothers, sisters, sons…

How many of them need the HOPE that is only found in Jesus?

We’ve been most effective reaching people living 15-20 minutes from our locations.

– The Problem –

While we have committed attendees who may drive 20 minutes or more to church each way, the majority of the 455,000 will not.

Jesus commissions us to bring…

“[JESUS SPEAKING] Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all.”
Mark 16:15 MSG
– The Solution –

We go to them!

– How? –

One Church.
Multiple Locations.


Our vision is to be a movement of God’s love, so cities are full of hope and people are full of purpose. We’re one church that meets in many locations.

Spring Creek
Rockford, IL
Cape Coral, FL
Dixon Correctional Center
God Behind Bars
Hardee Correctional Instituion
God Behind Bars

But we believe God wants to do more!

For The Stateline

Our plan is to launch two locations within the Stateline area.

To launch two locations will require approximately $2,500,000.

And Beyond

We will continue to allow God to lead us to launch additional locations.

We aren’t limiting what God can do through us!

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What is Hope for All?

This is a unique moment in our history as we reach out to Illinois and Wisconsin state-line area! There are 455,000 individuals within a 35-minute drive of our campus, many who have not experienced the hope of Jesus. We feel led to launch two additional locations so more people can know Jesus

What will these locations be like?

Our locations will have an identical ministry approach and feel as our present campus with live worship, kids’ and youth services, Champions Club, and ministry to all ages. We will stream the message each week from the existing location so that everyone hears the same sermon.

What is being asked?

We are asking everyone to prayerfully make 12-month financial commitment to Hope for All and to the best of their ability give the first installment of their commitment at the annual First Gift offering on December 3. We have many upfront expenses as we prepare for these two new locations and this will help us anticipate what to plan for. Commitments can be made online at www.cityfirst.church/hopeforall.

What does making a commitment look like?

Making a financial commitment is easy. You are able to submit your 12-month pledge online at www.cityfirst.church/hopeforall or fill out a commitment card at our weekend services.

When should we start fulfilling our pledges and begin making our financial contributions?

We are encouraging everyone to begin giving to their 12-month commitment on December 3, 2017, where we will continue our monthly giving commitments at our First Gift offering. We’re also encouraging everyone to set up an online giving account and make reoccurring contributions over the next 12 months to fulfill their pledge.

Still have questions?

Will you help us Bring Hope?

– How You Can Help –

Make a 12-month financial commitment that will bring the hope of Jesus to thousands of more people.

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Thank you for your generous and sacrificial gift.
Lives will be changed forever!

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Monthly Gift Annual Gift
10,417 125,000
6,250 75,000
4,167 50,000
3,125 37,500
2,083 25,000
1,458 17,500
1,042 12,500
625 7,500
417 5,000
313 3,750
208 2,500
104 1,250
42 500

Hope is being found!

Stories Of Hope

These are some of the stories of people who have found the hope of Jesus through City First Church!

Help us bring hope to even more people!

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