Advent Day 1: “The First Promise”

Did you know the first promise God ever made was connected to Christmas?
In the beginning, in the story of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, humanity was separated from God. Despite this, God’s love for us was boundless. He immediately set a plan in motion for our reconciliation. The promise was made: a Savior would come from the descendants of Eve, crushing the power of separation from God that Satan had caused.

This promise, made in our brokenness, is the foundation of the Christmas story. It reminds us of God’s unwavering love and the lengths He went to bring us back into His embrace. As we celebrate Jesus’ birth, let’s remember the profound significance of this promise – a Savior reconciling us to God, bringing hope and salvation.

Christmas is not just a holiday; it marks the start of God’s remarkable journey to mend our relationship through a new covenant. For millennia, the world awaited the promised Savior. Finally, He arrived, Emmanuel, God with us, conquering sin and death.

This Advent season, focus on the fulfillment of that first promise. Grasp the unshakable faithfulness of our God and reflect on the truth that His love for you sent His flawless Son into our broken world. This Christmas, celebrate not just Jesus’ birth but also embrace the magnitude of God’s commitment to restore our connection with Him – a promise of love and redemption that transcends time, bringing hope to our modern lives.


Father, I’m in awe of how, when we messed up, Your first reaction was a promise to bring us back together. Thanks for deciding early on to send Jesus to connect us with You again. As Christmas comes, help me really understand what You did when He arrived. Let me feel the happiness You had when Jesus was born and Your promise was set in motion.