Nowadays, “normal people” are stressed, overwhelmed, and full of anxiety. Many normal relationships never go past the surface of social media and are often strained. Normal is spending a lifetime climbing the ladder of success but never finding lasting happiness and fulfillment. And when it comes to God, many normal people acknowledge He exists, but live as though He doesn’t.

Normal isn’t working. In our message series WEIRD, we will learn how to break free from normal and live a radically abnormal and fulfilling life!

Part 1 - Weirder Is Better

Living God’s way isn’t normal. In fact, it’s a little WEIRD. But living God’s way will not only make your life better, it will make you better at life!

Part 2 - One Anothering

A normal view of relationships centers around us. We seek out relationships that benefit us and we distance ourselves from relationships that don’t. But Jesus challenges us to approach our relationships with selflessness.

Part 3 - Blessed Beyond Measure

What does a blessed life really look like? We often think it is more money in our bank accounts or a life free of hardship. But God’s view of blessing is measured less by external factors and more an internal strength that comes from a connection to our Heavenly Father.